It is very busy due to the pandemic. Your patience is appreciated!
It is very busy due to the pandemic. Your patience is appreciated!
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Our Story

We first met each other when I was 11 years old, I went skating for the first time and a friend of mine asked me to join. We met up at the skatepark and there I met my partner named Igor. After my first skate sesh, I was hooked. We kept skating together till we become a bit older. Igor was really into cooking from a young age he had a talent every one who knew him knew about his cooking talent. I, on the other hand, had more interest in the economy, innovations, and the philosophy behind success.

The thing we had in common was our creativity and innovation. Igor was always creating his own recipes based on his flavor triangle. I was trying to invent new innovative ways to make the life of others easier.

When I was young I wanted to become an inventor. There was a point in our lives where we didn't see each other for multiple years, we lost our connection. One day a friend of mine named Brad, asked me to meet at the skatepark. Brad has always been one of my best friends but also one of Igor's best friends. He invited Igor as well to the skatepark. We finally met again after a few years not seeing each other. We immediately had our old chemistry back and met almost daily to hang out with each other. Igor was always really busy at work, they finally noticed his cooking talent and got the opportunity to work at a michelin star restaurant.

While he was working his ass off at work. I was working my ass of on my online businesses. We are similar in different ways. We have been through a lot of adventures together. I don't know a single soul who doesn't like Igor he has many talents not only in the kitchen. Fast forward about two years, the coronavirus came up I knew it very early because of my online business. I told everyone this is about to be a huge problem worldwide, they didn't listen until it happened.

When the Belgian Gov put everyone in lockdown Igor couldn't work anymore until mid-summer. My businesses couldn't continue due to the corona pandemic we wherein. We went skating every day but got kicked out everywhere, on the way home we came up with the idea to build our own skatepark in my backyard. One week later we had a skatepark in our backyard. We spent a lot of time together and one day I told him about my business and told him we should start a business together.

I knew we could achieve our dreams as a team. After some back and forth discussions I finally convinced him to work together.

We started our first business, it didn't work out. we analyzed our mistakes and thaught about what we could do better. We concluded that our brand didn't bring value and had no meaning.

We started with writing down our life goals and dreams and try to work towards it in our next business.

Our goal is to teach 100 000 people a new recipe to give them a new perspective and love for cooking. We also want to teach people how to cook more efficiently by using certain gadgets and tricks for people who don't have all the time in the world to cook. We want people to feel good about the new recipes we present them and enjoy them with their family and friends. We want to bring people together with their loved ones in relation to our recipes.